Dusk (S) || says:
Angela says:
*weet je wat ik nu aan het luisteren is?
Dusk (S) || says:
*George Winston
Angela says:
*hoe weet je dat?
Dusk (S) || says:
*Ik ben helderziend
Angela says:
*nee, maar hoe weet je dat
Dusk (S) || says:
*Jah zomaar een gokje
Angela says:
*ik ben inderdaad naar hem aan het luisteren
Dusk (S) || says:
*The Holly And The Ivy luister je nu
Angela says:
*hoe weet je dat
*vertel es ff
Dusk (S) || says:
*Geloof je me niet?
Angela says:
*tuurlijk wel
*maar ik begrijp het niet hoe
*ik had alleen gevraagt….weet je waar ik nu aan het luisteren is
*laat maar
*het is gewoon een gok van je ok
Dusk (S) || says:
Angela says:
*wat nu weer
*welk nummer is dit?
Dusk (S) || says:
*Some Children See Him
Angela says:
Dusk (S) || says:
*Hahaha šŸ˜›

My mom actually thought I was a psychic at that time, right until my sis spoiled the fun by tellingĀ  her that her songs display in the chat window.



*somewhere 4 years ago*

Today I went over to a friend to hang out. As I opened the door of his room, his girlfriend who was lying under him naked let out a yelp. I quickly turned around while they said they get dressed. Instead they started playing videogames naked and left me waiting outside for 15 minutes. FML


Hey don’t forget about me! Master of Disaster’s helpfull sidekick who will kick him in the side whenever I feel he has to post something funny. What can I say, two epic phails can stimulate eachother to fail even harder.

Auf wienerschnitzel,


Why what’s this? Guess this could be called a blog for some sort (although blog sounds like something that lives in rivers and farts vowels).
You are now witnessing a blog, being not the river creature but a real blog, the one where people post stuff. This is just a blog like any other blog, except i will be posting random stuff. I’m not really gonna be very active, like, post everyday because a little voice in my head tells me too (although i have voice in my head, he really discourages blogging daily or at all). I’ll be posting whenever i have something worth posting, like quotes, funny stories, everyday happenings and other stuff .